FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

· With regard to maintenance

All the works of our shop are using positive silk (100% silk), but because it is not a new thing, it may be a gradual wimium, slightly burned unevenness (color fall), scratches, etc. . It would be nice if you could enjoy the original sense of the original feeling and vintage including it.

How good is cleaning?

Please consult your professional cleaning store for delicate material. Basically, we recommend "dry cleaning".

Can I wash water?

I do not recommend it very much, but if I say, please wash it gently. Because the fabric is shrinked, please give me your own risk.

· About remake

As it will be the FAQ for the remake recycling of kimono, please refer to the following.

I want to remake my own kimono ...

Sorry, we're unusual, but now "Remake" is not given to the kimono "yourself".

I would like to order the size ...

It is possible with custom-made products, but only the size "M" "L" "XL" "XXL" "Ladies" size is only.

· About size

As it will be FAQ for the size of "Kimono Aloha shirt", please refer to the following.

What if you can see if you look at the size?

It is helpful if you can refer to the page about the size of here.