About Kimono-Cycle

KIMONO-CYCLEについて - kimono-cycle

We will continue for more than 50 years in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture, known in the silk town, and the "loan and specialty store" is a mother company.

We are rental of "kimono" worn on a lifetime such as wedding, adult ceremony, seven-fifth fifth fifteen.


In the characteristics of business, we have purchased a newest "kimono" and "antibles" from the domestic areas of Kyoto, including Kyoto, but when the new work is arrived, the past products will not be focused, and it depends on the epidemic etc. It is also a product.

Until now, all products that have no demand for rental were "disposal", but I always felt that "I'm sorry" or "I'm still wearing" somewhere in my heart.


In order for Japan to end the world's "kimono culture", the role as "kimono" may have finished "kimono" "Kimono-Cycle's business from the thought of" I want to show the day's eyes! " Launched, remake and recycling kimono, oysters, bands, etc., manufacture and sell "kimono aloha", "kimono hat, hat", "kimono BAG", etc.


All items sold by Kimono-Cycle are one item.

Although all the fabrics used are used for use, it is not a new product, but there may be some color burning (color fall), scratches and so on.

I'm glad if you enjoy the "vintage feeling" and "original feeling" including that.

Japan wants to send new "value" to the world 's kimono culture' s disappointing.


President Kato