Masako Kato's commitment

Masako Katoのこだわり - kimono-cycle

Hello Kami's Seiko of Kimono-Cycle.

On the first time, one of the first one who has purchased the "Kimono Aloha shirt" is the first time, and if you feel "surprise" and "impression" in a pattern that matches the button when you catch the button, this is not over this joy for me is.

When I was worn as a kimono, the handle was beautiful.

The kimono is drawing in line sewing and the pattern, but it is not made for clothes.

Close (dressmaking) is basically cutting on curves. Then, naturally "pattern" will not match.
If you think that it will match it, the time you are "patterned" may be the longest in production time.

Still, for me, it is the most enjoyable time when you think about it.

While imagining the face of the finished product, we also enjoy the sense of accomplishment when the handle is combined and the sense of fulfillment as your own work.

"Match the pattern", "Match your taste", "Flow of flow", how to match it is not one by each kimono, but something that something is fit.

A small specimen that repeats the same pattern can be made without much worry about the pattern match, but still use it for the orientation and placement of the pattern.

Picture patterns that are often used in expensive kimonos are not easy because they are determined to match the pattern.Picture pattern is like a picture when you try to spread it.One piece is different, there is no same kimono.



Products that have been active as a kimono can not be discarded easily.

Kimonas may be happy if you can connect to someone's joy and smile again. This time, it is not limited to women, but if you get a hand in the world.

Even in order not to end the traditional culture that Japan is boasted in the world ...

In order for kimonos that have finished their role, even for me, a fun thinking starts to me.

We hope to be a member of Kimono-Cycle product.

MASAKO KATO (Kato Seiko)