How to make kimono aloha shirt

  1. Washing and washing

Originally kimonoTake all the yarn of the seams and return to the state of each part such as the body and sleeves.
After that, use dedicated detergents, etc.
I will wash it with a single sheet manually by washing (hot water washing).

After this, we will issue "tension" through the process of boiled water.


I had all the kimono


  1. Cutting and patterned

From the state of the kimono, after the "washing" process, this time, it is possible to cut the fabric according to the mold paper.


It is a "pattern match" that is particularly careful at this time.

Especially when remake of the pattern of artificial feathers, it is conscious about the handle that the pattern is connected as much as "Aloha shirt" and the handle will be cut and cut.


A state of cutting all parts


  1. Sewing

After the process of "cutting and pattern matching", we will sew the fabric.


I will sew carefully instead of the flowing work.

In particular, the adhesive core is put in the "collar" and the "retrospective" part so that it is tensioned and sewed.



Sewing such as pockets will also be sewn as well as possible. (It may bring different patterns with products by goods)

The back or back part is also carefully sewed.


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