Only One Kimono Aloha

The only world of kimono aroha shirts in the world. Produced by Masako Kato

Value of only one in the world

-Only One Value in the World-

All products sold by Kimono-Cycle are 1 item and not general purpose products. Originally, we remake and recycle the luxury clothes that are used as "kimono" and manufacture and sell in our fully original original original.

Although all the fabrics used are used for use, it is not a new product, but there may be some color burning (color fall), scratches and so on.

I'm glad if you enjoy the "vintage feeling" and "original feeling" including that.

Japan wants to send new "value" to the world 's kimono culture' s disappointing.

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Kimono alloha Collection

Unique Arohashirts "Kimono Aloha Shirt" in the World


Products produced so far

Products produced so far

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Women's new appearance

Ladies' '' appeared in the kimono aloha shirt. Because it becomes a ladies, the button position is reversed with men's.

About size and quality

See here for the size, quality, and maintenance of the "Kimono Aloha Shirt" manufactured and sold by this Shop.

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